Baby Shower Gift - Diaper Cake for Girls Pretty in Pink

I finished my latest diaper cake "Pretty in Pink," isn't she lovely? This is the perfect cake for a mother expecting a little girl. It is made with organza ribbon, pink grosgrain ribbon and white grosgrain ribbon with little pink footprints. It is hard to see the detail ( I guess I need a new camera) but the little pink dots are baby footprints. I will be sending this little beauty to Jill she graciously offered to review my cakes for her readers. THANKS JILL!!!!! She also has a wonderful store full of baby items - Alex Casey Baby. If you are really digging this cake be sure to stop by my website to see some of my others. Oh yeah, and tell a friend!


ali said…
Beautiful! I love diaper cakes. I got one when my first son was born 6 years ago and almost didn't unwrap it because of it's cuteness! I love your 'Just Ducky' cake!
Brittany said…
AWW! Makes me want to have a girl!
Ashley said…
THAT is super cute!!

I did one for a friend once and it turned out great (not THAT great), but it was a pain in the butt.

You do a great job!
Diaper cakes? I like the idea, but this is the first time I'm hearing of this. My younger "child" is nearing 18, and I'm not sure these were around when he was in diapers.

Truly lovely, and yes, cute! Great gift.
Sharon said…
Thanks for stopping by. I absolutely love the name of your business/blog and think this is an adorable idea. I don't have any kids yet, so I'm not in tune with trendy baby things but I imagine this will be a big hit!

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