A Poem

Yesterday I participated in Prompt Tuesday , a exercise in free writing over at my new friend San Diego Momma's blog. She provides the inspiration, you have 10 minutes to write. This week she said "To evoke your own inspiration, listen to the song here, then write the pictures that appear in your mind. You don’t need to craft an entire paragraph, although of course you can. Rather, let the images spill from you, write impressions, poetry, vignettes, whatever pops into your head."

The song we listened to was Sarah McLachlan's Answer. Here is what I wrote.

On the eve of your departure I am afraid.
Afraid of what you will experience once you walk out of the door.
Will you have your heart broken?
Will you succeed?
Has all the preparation been enough?
I want to protect you and shelter you from the storms that are sure to come.
But you must take these steps alone.
Just know I am here, I remain here solid as stone.
A phone call, a text, an instant message away.
My anguish, fear and trepidation are for me to bear.
As you remain jovial, excited and you tell me – prepared.
It seems like just yesterday you were nestled in my arms.
But tomorrow you will enter the gates laced in ivy ever closer to becoming a man.

I know you are probably thinking that my son looks awfully young for college. HE IS A GENIUS! Actually, he is very bright but not quite ready for college. The song truly inspired the poem and thankfully that time is a long ways off.

I really enjoyed participating in Prompt Tuesday, perhaps next week you will join in on the fun.


Amazing_Grace said…
Really nice poem. I think it could be made into a song as well. :)
San Diego Momma said…
I agree with Amazing Grace.

You wrote it so poignantly, I really thought you had a college-goer somewhere in your life.

I loved this Renée.

Thanks for playing along with PROMPTuesday!
Carrie said…
You have a way with words. That is really nice and a great way to show your thoughts. Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Great poem!!! Thanks for sharing!
Heather said…
OOoooo...beautiful!! That sounds like fun. I'll have to go check it out!
Christy said…
That's really great! And what a good idea she came up with! My eyes are tearing up...I'm a dork. :)
Yup, thankfully that time is still a long ways off. Enjoy the growing years!

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