Must Eat Paper

That's right, my baby boy goes around the house with this mantra in his head "must eat paper, must eat paper." And no piece of paper is safe! He grabs paper wherever he can get it - if he is sitting with me at my desk - "must eat paper," when he is trolling around the house "must eat paper." I try to keep the paper away from him but sometimes he just gets away from me and I see him eating an important bit - like a receipt that I need to get a $5.00 rebate. Or he grabs some note I have written to myself and before I know it I am asking for him to let me see so that I remove the paper from his mouth.

Toddlers are something else! I wonder if this inherent need to eat paper is inherited because when my mom was visiting she told me that I used to eat paper too. Sometimes she would catch me, sometimes she was too late. I turned out fine so I guess adding a little roughage to the diet won't be so bad for my little one. ; )


LiteralDan said…
We had the same problem with both of our kids, much like one of our family dogs when I was a kid.

Maybe he needs fiber... who knows? We never did answer the question for ourselves.

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