Letting It All Go

It’s official! I’ve let myself go. The moment of realization came after my family’s Sunday breakfast excursion. In the car ride home I noticed my belly protruding from between the seat belt. I pointed it out to my husband and he said “You have new snacks every time you come back from the store. What do you expect?” This was said with admiration because I think he is enjoying the fruits of my indulgence. As much as my husband may like it, my appearance is not what it used to be. I am overweight, I don’t exercise and I am not the cute diva that I used to be. Oh I have excuses for it. For example:

Nursing: Up until last month I was nursing, and everyone knows lactating mothers burn an extra 500 calories per day. So, no way could I diet, as a matter of fact pass that third helping over here Mamas gotta feed the baby!

My clothes and make-up: I work from home and generally only travel to day care or perhaps the grocery store. Make-up? Who needs make-up? And who cares if I am still rocking the maternity clothes from last year?

Exercise: Excer- what? Exercise? Oh, well I was exercising at the beginning of the year consistently. But then there was that health issue and even after it cleared up I didn’t get back to the gym. Come to think of it there is not enough time in the day with me consulting, making diaper cakes, and blogging.

I could go on but I think you get the picture. On Friday I finally decided to do something about my feet. I hadn’t had a pedicure since March. March! Can you imagine my chagrin when the technician had to pull out the drill to work on my calluses? I could see other women in the shop lift their eyebrows in horror! Not good. Not good at all.

Oh how I remember the days when I was an aerobics instructor and fit as a whistle. More recently than that I remember getting in shape to walk down the aisle. I used to wear make-up on a daily basis and wore clothes that actually fit and accentuated my curves. But all is not lost.

I am going to work on it. I will start with make-up, an extra 2 minutes in the morning for me and that problem will be solved. Foundation, mascara and lip gloss quick and easy. I will be good to go. I will then progress to eating better and exercising. By taking small steps it will all fall into place.

In the meantime, I need to get in that last container of ice cream. What? Eating better is phase two of the program!


Wendy said…
Stopping nursing will pile on the pounds in a hurry! Because your appetite stays the same, even though your body is gradually giving less & less to the little person.

Starting with makeup is such a great idea. This one little thing will help you take better care of yourself, all day long.

From another mama in this same boat...
Wendy said…
Thanks for stopping by Domestiquette! I left you a comment response. Let's get those closets clean! :-)

Christy said…
Well you are way ahead of the curve on this one--my kids are 8 & 11 and I JUST started back at the gym and taking it seriously. I have a looong way to go. Make-up? Still working on that one...and wearing clothes other than yoga pants and t-shirts.
Amazing_Grace said…
Weight slowly creeps on us without us knowing about it. Try to catch it early and you'll be glad you did.

Yeah, us mom's let things go because we are trying to be the best moms we can be and we think of others instead of ourselves. I can't think of the last time I wore make up and dressed up. LOL!
ali said…
I hear ya! I'm doing okay foodwise, but this summer I'm been so bad about keeping us all in pj's practically all day! I promise I'll be better when school starts back up--make up, fixed hair (not just a ponytail), and cute clothes so my first grader won't be embarrassed by mommy!
Weith Kick said…
I'm right there with ya. I go through phases. Phase 1 is where I devote all my time and energy to working out for like 6 months to a year. Phase 2 is where I let it all go. I'm in Phase 2 currently. Today's breakfast was an Egg McMuffin and 3 chocolate chip cookies. Yum. Don't underestimate the cookies at McDonalds.
Zen Ventures said…
So you have the New Mother Syndrome while I have the WMS!-My baby is now 4yo and I'm still trying to lose my post baby weight!
Kim said…
lol Renee..
enjoy that ice cream..
my 16 year old daughter and I had a winter weigh in last Friday...so we are on the way :)
followthatdog said…
nursing did me no favors. It wasn't until I weaned that I was able to drop any weight. I'm now working on getting my body back, but man I'm really lazy and getting to the gym is hard.
After the birth of my daughter (our last of 3 kids) I got a little overzealous in dieting and had to give up nursing after 2 months. I felt terrible about it. Good on you for waiting.
Jennifer said…
I am right there with you :-) I so know what you are going through. It gets better.... I hope lol n just kidding it will

P.S. Thanks for visiting The Dirty Shirt and commenting on my pictures :-)
Raquel said…
Nice post, my entry about nursing and burning 500 cal is already drafted. Thank you for this entry.

By they, I hear yah. I didn't realize before that I was pretty and sexy [lol] now after my 2nd pregnancy I turned in a balloon. What in the world. They said if you are nursing, you will lost a lot of weight but for me I am gaining everyday.
Petula Wright said…
You are hilarious! I know what you mean though. I started with healthy eating, then trying to dress cute in something besides the mom look... I tried the makeup but even two minutes was too many for me. I have to come up with a better plan for that because I noticed another well-made-up mom in the library and her expression when she saw my eyebrows made me want to apologize for their lack of grooming. Hey, I said my clothes look good (uh, sometimes!) LOL.

BTB: I'm gonna add your badge to my sidebar... hope you don't mind and, if you like, add mine too! ;D
Diva Ma said…
I nursed. Best thing I ever did. Now, I'm a non-exercising, snacking, lady mom. I still try to do my hair and maybe put on some sparkling lip gloss, but other than that, yeah I let myself go. Time to bring myself back tho.
Alicia said…
I so know what you are talking about!

When we as mother's always put our babies first. Whether that be nursing (as I have been either nursing or pregnant for the past 4 years) or not showering for days because we have to worry about the house, the kids, the food, etc.

I'm like you I'm realizing that I have to find that balance of me.

What's the matter with that dude asking you what you expect you're always pigging out on snacks? My wife'd kill me for saying something crazy like that.

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