Gone Missing

There is a hobbit living in my home. Well, maybe not a hobbit but certainly a troll or some other mythical creature that steals random things that are never to be seen again. For example, where in H E double hockey sticks (I have no problem with saying hell, I just thought that might be cute. On second thought it isn't). Where in HELL IS MY OVEN MITT??? That's right my oven mitt is missing. Where could it be? I don't know - perhaps you know. Anyone with information about my missing oven mitt please call 555 - 1212. See, what I mean? Random stuff that no one could possibly want, except of course a hobbit, troll, sock monkey. You get the picture.

Uh oh, I am in trouble now my husband is waiting for me so we can see the Dark Knight. Gotta run but I will catch up with you later. Promise.


Crystal said…
I have lost an oven mitt before, and then found buried in the kitchen towel drawer.
Carrie said…
I hope your oven mitt shows up. I understand the frustration you are having. My stems from the realization that my house will never be clean! Ha

Atleast you get to see a movie. I hope you had a great time. Maybe you could give us a review?

Have a great day, and remember not to sweat the small stuff!
Amazing_Grace said…
I have your oven mit. Hehehehehehe.

How was Dark Knight?
Mekhismom said…
Grace, can I get my oven mitt back? Please? I have been burning myself left and right without it.
Anonymous said…
Well, you may have a hobbit, but we have a gremlin. He (or she) frequently "steals" things. What really drives me nuts is when it shows up in some totally odd location that it would NEVER be put!! One day I'm gonna find that gremlin and squash it!!
Kerith Collins said…
holy crap...i found your oven mitt in my dryer with my dryer hob-goblin...and I think he also has some of your socks, a dish towel, and your hair brush...but I don't think you want that back...sorry.
Hello there...

As a minister, I have found that my colleagues and I come up with other expressions to avoid using any "improper" words! *LOL*

"Now, where in the h...ham-sandwich did I leave my Bible?!"

You get the idea...



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