No, I am not getting a facelift but you may have noticed that my blog did. I was bored to tears with minima, our brief relationship had to end. I searched and searched the internet for templates that I liked. There were a few that caught my eye but none that met all of my requirements. I really wanted a 3 column template for free with images that were reflective of my personal style. I actually considered taking a stab at it myself but without the proper software that was going to be a bust. So finally, I found someone that could give my blog an overhaul for free. Let me repeat that FOR FREE!!!!!!! I don't know if I have shared this before but I LIKE FREE! Especially when it is quality work and you are treated like a paying customer. So, I want to take the time to thank Diana of Blog Designs by Diana!


I know that during the design process I probably irritated Diana a bit. But she worked with me and never lost her cool. We must have exchanged at least 20 emails. Back and forth, back and forth. It went a little something like this:

Me: Tweak this please, I am sure I am your worst customer.
Diana: Here it is. Let me know if you are happy and I will install it (that's right she installed it too!).
Me: Tweak that please.
Diana: Here it is. Let me know if you are happy and I will install it.
Me: Tweak this Please.
Diana: Here it is. Let me know if you are happy and I will install it.

And on it went. But not once did she send me hate mail. Not once did she say I can't help you. She did it all with a smile (at least that is how I imagine it happened. The reality was probably something completely different!) .


By the way, Diana also has a store for all things baby The Emilee Grace Company you should go check it out. There are some lovely things in her shop and for added incentive, you will get 30% off all purchases over $20.00. Diana has a blog Modern Mama's Fabulous Favorites and if you want a custom designed blog stop by her free blog design site.


Wow! Thank you so much for this awesome post! And for promoting my business and my blog too. That was very sweet! :)
Amazing_Grace said…
Oooooooooooo I like your new look! :)
Michele said…
Your new blog looks great! :)
Luxe Tips said…
I love it! You know I am going to contact Diana. I need a custom look!

Christy said…
Awesome! Love the look! I've been thinking about switching things up a little at my site too, but I haven't really thought of how I want it to look yet though.

BTW-love the pics of the "cakes"-- they are absolutely fabulous!
Free Holy Moley!! Great find!!!
Greg said…
Lucky you! I offer designs to close friends, but due to time constraints and being a stay at home mom needing every penny possible, I can't give everyone the hook up, sorry! Of course you're in my circle so whenever you need another design, it's on me.
Greg said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Petula Wright said…
Yea, like I told you, I love your new look. I checked out Diana's site last night when I saw yours so I may try to use her too... I like her work especially what she did with you.
Lula! said…
Hey--thanks for stopping by my "place." I love yours...love the new design, and LOVE those fabulous diaper cakes. You are obviously talented.

As far as "bloggygate" goes, we are working on some stuff. All will be revealed soon. Rest assured!
Sage and Savvy said…
Thanks for the info! I'll have to check out her site!
Anonymous said…
This is absolutely beautiful. A beautiful design to match your beautiful cakes.
--Deb said…
Free custom design WITH constant smiles. That's always got to be a good thing! I'm not sure what your blog looked like before, but I think the design is just lovely.

And now I think I'm going to have to bake this weekend....
ThatGirl said…
I didn't see your old design but I really like this one! Your cakes are adorable!

Thanks for coming to my blog for a "drink!"
Zen Ventures said…
WOW! this is a good find! I'll see if my hubby can figure out how to glamorized my blog template otherwise I'll run to Diana for help!
Weith Kick said…
Renee...I thought something looked different when I saw your blog. Looks Good! Thanks for the referral.
Tiffany said…
This looks so fresh and light. Love the toile on the sidebars!!!!
I like the new look. It has just the right amount of white, with that bit of neutral color around the edges. Looks very good!
San Diego Momma said…
Your design is wonderful. I really like it.
And talk about full circle: Modern Mama's Fab Faves is one of the first sites I went to when I started blogging. And I love Emilee Grace!
Those bootie cakes are so cute! I've seen these before, but not decorated and cute like these.

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