Cutie Booty Cakes

I was over at Facebook chatting with a male friend of mine and asked him if he visited my website Cutie Booty Cakes "Diapers Shaped Like Cakes". He responded - "I did, but you know I thought that I was going to see "chicks" like Buffie the Body. Her photo is below.

I will let you absorb that for a minute and no that is not photoshopped.

I have to believe that he was joking because why in the world would I have a website filled with photos of big booty women? But I digress.

Let's continue the story............I responded "you are not my demographic, Moms know what a Cutie Booty is!" But I have to ask - are all the pervs out there going to think my website is about young women with "assets"? I really like the name and cutie booty is what I call my munchkin.

Pervs be damned, I am keeping the name.



How funny! I think that the places you will be advertising will be places where the pervs don't hang out so I'm sure you'll be fine. I love the name!
Petula Wright said…
LOL! I agree with Kim... his comment was funny though! I love the name too.
koala brains said…
You may get some pervs if they are googling booty. I'm sure once they see your booty isn't the booty they are looking for, they'll go on their merry way. Are you signed up with google analytics? It'll tell you what keywords people are using that lead them to your site. You'll be able to tell if you are getting accidental visitors by the words you see.
OMG, that made me choke on my coffee. That's definitely a different take on your business name than I was expecting, lol. (I love your cakes by the way, those are adorable!)
Ms. Understood said…
That is hilarious and just like a dude to say it. . . . . at least you were able to get a different perspective on what the name means to people, LOL. I love the name and diaper cakes are adorable. Can't wait for an opportunity to purchase one.

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