Of a mommy - sometimes I let my son watch Noggin - great preschool television but children under two are not supposed to watch tv.

Of a wife - I don't cook much - well, I cook enough to feed my son but my husband has been known to break into a chant "Dads gotta eat too!" It is a joke but really I could do better (my husband ate gummy bears for dinner last night - note to self - really, really must do better).

Of a blogger - I think I go off topic a bit(because I am highly opinionated, well-educated, and sometimes just need to vent), although I do try to mention diapers in every post!

Of a WAHM - sometimes I have trouble focusing but I do get it all done.

Of a WAHM - I am no domestic diva and lately my home has been suffering.

Whew, glad I got that off of my chest. I feel much better now.


Just linked to you from maternal mirth...I had to get a closer look at that adorable little guy!!

I love your confessions...I think a lot of us can relate to those. My husband has been known to throw the guilt card up too when I've dropped the ball on cooking.

I usually hand him a frying pan and tell him to have a good time. :)
I think a couple of those confessions apply to me too...particularly about not cooking. I'm lucky to have a hubby who can cook his butt off, but neither of us really ever WANT to get in the kitchen. It's a wonder we don't
Helene said…
Love your confessions...I'm guilty of the same ones! Right now my kids are all sitting in front of the tv watching a Thomas DVD so I can spend some time online so I can connect with the outside world!! I also tend to cook whatever the kids will eat but it's not always what my husband will eat!

Love the pic of your son...OMG, he's adorable!!!!
Brittany said…
Guilty...but what mom isn't. Noggin is a God send.

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