Cloth Diapers

As noted in my header I am obsessed with diapers. I use disposal diapers but right before I had my son I was toying with the idea of using cloth diapers. Unfortunately I was quickly talked out of it by my mother and aunt who provided me with stories of having to dip diapers in the toilet when I was a baby. I won't go into detail but the mere mention of dipping and toilet chased away the idea of cloth diapering for me.

I am sorry that happened. What was going on in the world of cloth diapers 30 years ago is so much different than what is happening today. If you are interested in learning more about cloth diapering my friend Angie over at Baby Cheap Skate is blogging all this week about cloth diapers.

To top it off she is giving away 12 bum genius diapers (this is $200 worth of diapers). I told you before that Angie is the best for all things baby, go see for yourself.


Christy said…
I didn't know anything about cloth diapers when my kids were babies, but I wish I had. I've read about a lot of different easy to use varieties and if I had it to do over again I'd use them.
Amazing_Grace said…
I tried cloth diapers with my son and he got the terrible rash so I stopped using them. I now use them to dust around the house. LOL!
Anonymous said…
Since I am a step mom I never had babies or diapers, but my sister uses cloth and they seem very easy if ever we have babes of our own I plan to atleast give them a try!! By the way I think your diaper cake is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Swirl Girl said…
I know this sounds all selfish and horrible and not a concerned environmentalist or anything...but I didn't use cloth and didn't feel guilty about it.

Yeah, listen to me. I got the epidural and was scheduled for the inducement too.

I am no earth mother. Mea Culpa.
Paula said…
Thanks for your comment. OMG, your cakes are beautiful!! I've seen a diaper cake before but not like yours. Thanks for connecting. :o)
Don't you hate when older people try to talk you out of the new and improved? My mother tried to talk me out of using cloth. I had to show her what the new ones look like versus the ones the stork carried in the old days, lol. Just last week I was telling her about freepeats. She was all like girl don't be giving your stuff away and don't take nobody's garbage! Just the other day she told me that I didn't want cupcakes for my wedding. I had to tell her I didn't want plain dinky little cupcakes, but cupcakes with style. That is when I told her I'm done telling her about stuff I want because she's forever picking at it.

With cloth diapers you can create a wet diaper bucket/can and presoak them before you wash them. It's not bad at all!
i actaully tried to use cloth diapers when my daughter was first born, but they don't hold much tinkle. They are leaky, and I was blowing through them faster than I could wash them up. She's 10 months now , and I think we might have more success with them now. I'm having a giveaway at my blog.. hop on over there; it'd make me very happy!
Carrie said…
I along with some others have tried cloth diapers. Fuzzi Bunzs and I liked them for a time but they did start to leak. I used them until she outgrew them. Then I went back to disposable ones. Good topic and well worth looking into.
My sister-in-law is looking into something called g-diapers which are like the new cloth ones but with flushable inserts.

I use disposables but kind of wish I had considered cloth.
Hi there!

This is a blog that mentions cloth diapers and I thought you may be interested:

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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