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I love comments on my blog - keep 'em coming people. Thanks to all of you that have commented it is appreciated! Although to date I haven't posted anything I believe to be too controversial I wonder about comments that are not in agreement with the sentiment of the blogger.

I was over on BlogHer (and yes I am giving them love, even though they REJECTED my blog, I don't do well with rejection - but my blog isn't old enough to be listed yet, so I understand) and a new editor posted. She is deeply conservative and well her post was about abortion. I will leave it at that. There were many, many, many (I can keep going but I will stop) comments both in agreement and disagreement with her. And it was actually a joy to read all of the different perspectives.

I know that if you are on BlogHer you might expect and even welcome all types of comments. But I wonder about the everyday personal blogger. Are comments that are not in line with the bloggers beliefs, thoughts, ideals, still kept or are they tossed out?

Interesting question I think. Personally, as long as the comments are not inflammatory or derogatory in any way I think I would keep them. Other perspectives can be enlightening.

I would love to hear from other bloggers out there. What do you do when comments are not in line with your thinking? Do you keep them? Do you throw them out?


Petula Wright said…
I respect everyone's opinion, comments and thoughts as long as when they leave them it's done in a respectful and non-bashing manner. I had another blog (it's still hanging out there somewhere) and the comments could often be offensive. I would leave the comment but respond with a comment that although their thoughts are appreciated it would be better if they were respectful.

I particularly enjoyed one where he even commented that I would delete his comment. I didn't! Tahee hee hee.
list mama said…
Good questions! I wouldn't say that the thing I blog about would be controversial, but in the case that I did, I would hope that I would be prepared for some opposing opinions.

I'm so new I only have a handful of comments but it is something to think about. I think I agree with you--I'd keep them unless they were highly offensive to others. I'm sure I'll experience that sooner or later, so I guess I need a plan!
San Diego Momma said…
I love *almost* any comment as long as it's not a personal attack.

I think the opposing opinions add a lot to the conversation.

Of course, all I ever talk about really is poop and shopping, so not much to disagree about there!

I don't blog about much that's controversial. But I think what I've learned is you have to take this whole blog thing with a grain of salt. As much as I'd love to say 'everyone be respectful and play nice' I know that's not realistic. There are well meaning people that leave passionate bashing comments and there are mean people who leave ignorant bashing comments. I don't think there is a way to avoid either. I'm not saying as bloggers we should have a thicker skin by any means. I think you just have to take things at face value and try as hard as you can not to be offended by people who might be expressing themselves in poorly or in haste.
Jen said…
I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion and as long as it is not down right mean. I say,let them stay. People can disagree but it shouldn't be a personal attack. That is just wrong. "Hate the sin, not the sinner."
Lisa C said…
I keep them. I welcome others views if they are not in line with mine. I'm open to learning and that's one way to do it. It also opens up a good conversation amongst others leaving a comment.
Good post!
Christy said…
Hi there, I clicked over from Insane Mama's blog (I think?) and I saw your adorable "cakes." I wish I'd known about those before my kids got so big (I guess I can always keep them in mind for anyone else that has a baby--totally cute!)

I think your question is an interesting one. I haven't really gotten any comments that disagree w/my beliefs, but to be honest I've only posted a handful of posts that might encompass any controversial content. I think I would welcome it as long as people are respectful & don't get into name calling or any of that. I'm kind of of the opinion that a blog is the author's and if I don't agree with them or like what they have to say, I can choose not to read. That said, I think we all have to learn how to listen to others w/varying opinions and try to respect that w/o hating. That's the only way we'll heal this world.

Okay, off my soapbox now, sorry about that.
Ashley said…
I've gotten LOTS of dissenting comments and as long as they are presented in an intelligent and respectful manner they stay. As a matter of fact, if they are presented in an idiotic and amusing manner, they also stay.

I used to publish EVERYTHING but then I got a stalker/troll and things got way out of control with that situation so those types no longer get the attention they crave.
nice to meet you fellow atlien!!
i either delete them or keep them if it's worth a good conversation... some ppl are outright ignorant...those get canned everytime!!!
Kerith Collins said…
i usually keep everyone's comment...except the spammy know who you are!

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