Almost Famous

Yup, that's right, I am almost famous. Today my review of Seventh Generation "green" diapers is on my favorite baby bargain blog Baby Cheapskate. I read about the blog over a year ago in Parent's magazine and have been a loyal reader ever since. At that time a fortune teller couldn't have told me I would end up posting on Baby Cheapskate. I never would have believed it.

Anyhow, this 3 week veteran blogger is excited. Go check out the review and tell me what you think!

*Update* Last night Mekhi and I were featured on CBS46 news in a report regarding baby formula. I really AM almost famous!


Amazing_Grace said…
Great review and you covered all the bases and questions that moms want to know about. :)
Anonymous said…
Zen Ventures said…
Hurray! autograph please!!! That is just awesome. Is it a dream come true? :)
Rachel said…
Congratulations! That's so exciting!!!!!!

Love your diaper cakes, by the way.
1stopmom said…
Congratulations. You will be really famous before you know it :)

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