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My one and only baby. I called you baby fish lips because you loved to pucker your lips. On the day
you turned one you started talking with a full sentence and continued non-stop! You were fiercely
independent with no attachment issues; waving good-bye and enjoying new adventures were more
important than shedding tears because mommy left the room. You played so much with mommy that
you wore me out!

You are a middle schooler and watching you grow into a fine young man brings me joy. Your
independence continues to grow. You are a seasoned solo traveler and although cautious, you never
meet a stranger. Your days of playing games with mom are numbered and relationships with friends
grow stronger every day. I cherish every hug and kiss because I know they will soon no longer be
reserved for me. I’m bursting with pride each time you tackle new challenges
(like violin lessons and re-learning cursive) and succeed!

I was once told we have 18 summers with our children and the time is moving swiftly. This video
captures my feelings…

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What are your favorite babyhood memories? What types of things are your teen doing now?

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