DIY Metallic Gold Centerpieces using Rust-oleum paint

As a member of the Walmart Moms program, I was recently asked if I’d like to participate in a mystery challenge to upcycle an object or objects using Rustoleum paint. I love a good challenge and of course I had to take it! In my box I received 3 large glass jars that I guess could potentially used for anything from holding cookies to storing my fruit infused water. At first I was stumped. What could I do with these things? I thought about it and the fact that it is now wedding season and decided to make blinged out centerpieces that would be perfect for a wedding or another type of celebration.

I spent a long time debating colors and took a couple of trips to Walmart before I decided on this final project, armed with $25.00 I purchased Rust - oleaum Gold Metallic spray paint, bling, gold accented fabric and was ready to go! To start, I measured the bling that I was using to adorn the jars by simply wrapping a piece around the top of the jar and cutting it, and doing the same on one of the sides. I used these pieces as my guide and continued to cut the bling until I had enough for all of the jars.

Next, I spray painted the jars on both the inside and outside. In hindsight, the next time I do a similar project, I will only spray the inside of the glass because I’ve found that I’ve been accidently placing scratches on the paint. This would be problematic if I wanted to use them for an event because I’d have to be extremely careful not to ruin the project. After spray painting, I left the jars overnight to dry.

To attach the bling to the jars I used my glue gun. Again, this was trial and error, I initially tried using spray adhesive but that didn’t work at all. The glue gun worked very well and after applying all of the bling, I let the jars dry overnight again. 

The next day I placed them on the fabric and my project was done!

I think these jars would be absolutely gorgeous filled with white roses. I also want to try spray painting baby breath but I was unable to find it for this project. I love how “rich” these jars look now and may just keep them on my breakfast counter because I think they look beautiful! I have to give a special shout out to my son because he is the one who convinced me to go with gold!


Alison Palmer said…
This is a great project. I love the final product!

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