Halloween Crafts DIY {Video} #wmtmoms

Halloween is so much fun. I can’t remember much about it from my childhood except for baking pumpkin seeds and trying to get as much candy as possible. The funny thing is I was never much of a candy person so it really was a competition among friends to see who had the most the end of the night. I’d choose a few pieces of my favorite candy and put the rest in the closet and wasn’t even tempted to eat it. As an adult, Halloween has been fun because I get to share the joy with my son. We both dress up and have a ball trick or treating with friends, eating good food and having an overall good time. This year, in addition to playing dress up (I’ll be sure to share pictures or our costumes, I’ve put together something special for myself this year) I decided to decorate our home because my son gets a big kick out of it. And quite frankly, I had a good time putting my crafty skills to work! Check out my video below for the complete look and I’ll explain how I made everything too.

I started by scouring Pinterest for ideas and with products supplied by Walmart I went to town! The first project I tackled was hanging decorations for my breakfast counter. It is a really simple craft that can add pop to any kitchen. You may have already have the supplies you need which makes it even better. 

I used ribbon($1.97), tape, and black cardstock ($3.97), for my stencils I just used colored card stock for contrast but black works too. I used three iconic Halloween images - a skull, owl and bat for my shapes. You can use whatever suits your fancy and make it really simple by printing clip art or other images you find on the internet.  I free handed my shapes, I found drawing and compiling everything therapeutic. I traced and cut out the shapes, taped them to the ribbon and hanged them from my ceiling, easy!

Next I made mummy pumpkins, another easy craft! I purchased a 3 pack of mini pumpkins for $2.87, gauze for $5.36 and used craft wiggly eyes that I already had from Walmart.  I wrapped each pumpkin in gauze, glued on fun eyes and added mouths with a Sharpie. I like to keep things simple and fun!

For my final craft my son and I made a web for my table centerpiece. For this you need school glue ($2.48), silver glitter ($2.99) and wax paper or parchment paper.  Using the glue make an asterisk, and then draw the web by playing connect the dots. My son had a ball adding the glitter to my masterpiece! 

We let it dry for two days and then I carefully removed my web.

For additional decorations, I purchased cobwebs ($1.97), mini skulls($1.27 each), and spiders ($2.27). I draped the webs all over the kitchen and encapsulated the skulls in the webs and hang them from my light fixture and one of my cabinets. I love my final results and my son is over the moon excited. He has already requested that next year I make things “scary” with blood and gore. My son is clearly my child, I can’t wait until we can visit the Haunted Houses and Zombie Apocalypse experience together! Yes, I am a big kid at heart!   

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