Thanksgiving Turkey Kid Craft

There was a time that I *thought* I wasn't crafty but then I remind myself that the name of this blog comes from the diaper cake business I started years ago and have to say Yes, I am crafty! I am sharing my love of crafts with my son and there is rarely a holiday that goes by when we don't create something fun. As Thanksgiving quickly approaches I decided to make a craft with my son that was both timely and can be kept as a keepsake for years to come, a turkey made from the outline of his hands and feet! 

There are many variations of this particular craft, some just use an outline of a hand, this one incorporates both hands and feet and I like it because it also helps my son develop fine motor skills when he traces his hand and cuts out the tracing. We both joined in with cutting out the hands that are used as feathers and we had a great time! 

So without further ado, here is our rendition of a Thanksgiving Turkey Kid's Craft (all of the materials are from Walmart).

To start you'll need:

Red, orange, yellow and brown construction paper (I couldn't find brown so my son colored white paper)
Pipe Cleaners
Scotch tape
Googly eyes 

Trace two hand outlines on the red, yellow and orange construction paper. Cut out each shape. 

Trace your child's feet on brown construction paper (if not available just use white and color it brown like we did) and cut it out. 
Placing the heels at the top, glue together the feet to form the turkey body.
Next, glue the hand prints onto the back of the turkey body to form the wings. 

Place two googly eyes on turkey for face. 

Cut out a wobble from the red paper and cut out an orange beak. Glue to turkey face. 

Cut orange pipecleaner make two long pieces and two shorter pieces. 

Wrap smaller piece of pipe cleaner around long piece to make claw. 

Attach to turkey with scotch tape. 

And there you have it! Be sure to date your turkey so you can have memories for years to come! 


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