The Smurfs 2

In June I visited the Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas and had the wonderful opportunity to preview snippets from the upcoming movie The Smurfs 2. To be perfectly honest I did not have high hopes because I really wasn’t that impressed with the first movie. But you have to remember that I grew up with the Smurfs cartoons and with all of their smurfy goodness they hold a special place in my heart. The preview however changed my mind and I couldn’t wait to see the final cut of the movie!

Luckily, this weekend my son and I had the opportunity to attend the blue carpet premiere of Smurfs 2 here in Atlanta. Sadly, because of unexpected traffic, I was unable to get an actual photo of us walking the blue carpet, I did manage to take a picture of us before the movie started.

The film follows Smurfette as she explores her family ties and takes place on her birthday. The setting is Paris and she is kidnapped by Gargamel and his naughties - little smurf like creatures that he developed trying to make Smurfs. Smurfette was his only true Smurf creation and he wants her back to get the secret formula for Smurfs. Of course, Papa Smurf and a gang of Smurfs set out to rescue her. That is all I will give you of the plot and believe me, I haven’t given anything away because this all transpires in the first five minutes of the movie.

Overall, the movie is one that I’d recommend, it was full of laughs and entertainment for young and old. My six year old laughed loudly often during the film and I had my own nostalgic moments with the Smurfs. I hummed the La La song on the way to and from the movie, much to my son’s chagrin and he was especially tired of my use of Smurf. I thought it was hilarious.

The Smurfs will be released nationwide on July 31st and there are many items with Smurf themes available at Walmart. You can also purchase The Smurfs 2 Movie Value Pack, with a Movie Ticket to see Smurfs 2. If you pre-purchase The Smurfs 2 Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack + The Smurfs DVD, and a chance to win a West Coast Customs Smurfs Dash Electric Vehicle.


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