Thanksgiving Cleaning - Giveaway

Messy Kitchen by lynn.gardner
Messy Kitchen, a photo by lynn.gardner on Flickr.

The holidays have creeped up and now there are only 2 more days until Thanksgiving! This year I am cooking and have invited friends and family over for a meal to give thanks for all of our blessings. I certainly have a lot to be thankful for and it has been a long time since I've cooked a Thanksgiving meal. I am both excited and apprehensive because I know I have hours ahead of me in the kitchen. 

The one thing that I am not worried about is the clean-up. Although I am NOT a domestic diva and on any given day my kitchen is likely to look like the one above, my pre-Thanksgiving preparations take care of it in a snap. I am not sure how or when my kitchen table became the depository for mail, random papers, etc but it has. And over the past few days I've been tackling the job of cleaning up my kitchen in increments. 

I've found that this is the best way for me to clean. I will spend a few minutes every day doing one chore in the kitchen. 
For instance:
10 minutes for cleaning the table
5 minutes to fill the dishwasher
2 minutes to empty the dishwasher
10 minutes to mop the floor
5 minutes to clean out the refrigerator

And to make job pleasant, I will clean will listening to music that is fresh and cool like Gain's Icy Fresh Fizz scented products. My favorite station to listen to is called the Neo Soul Cafe and I love the music so much that not only will I use it to clean but I also run, play  it in the car and anywhere else I can stream the station. 

Holiday cleaning is tedious I know, but you can make it easier and more manageable by implementing my tips. And to help make your household chores both easier and Fresh smelling, I have a giveaway! 


The 5 winners of the giveaway will receive:
$10 in coupons for Gain products
To enter: 
Leave a comment for 10 entries and you have 10 additional entries in rafflecopter below. You can also enter daily! 

Giveaway ends 12:01 am Wednesday, November 28th. Good luck! 

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Anonymous said…
How do I enter the giveaway? Did I miss the instructions?

I'd love to win if it is open to us Canucks! I love Gain! Love it! I am one of those folks that buy things that are on sale but I am always sooo excited when Gain is the cheapest!!
JC said…
Make a checklist and stick to it.
Jessica To said…
I make lists for everything. If I don't write things down, I'll forget to do them!
Stacie Raye said…
I love the name Icy Fresh Fizz. Would love to try it. Thanks!
Mike Wingard said…
Gain is awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

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