Operation Weight Loss the Incredible Shrinking Woman - Week 14

This week past week has been HECTIC! Between working 12 hour days, traveling to New York, and rushing back home to make sure my mom's health is in order, things have been challenging! I have maintained my weight loss and can't report a loss but I am excited because although my food choices weren't always been the best, I still exercised!

Being on the road is challenging but despite a few indulgences I mostly stayed on track. I did do some emotional eating however I was aware of my actions and didn't let a little backsliding defeat me!

I understand that every week is not going to be spectacular, we are all human and life happens, right? The key is to recognize that minor bumps in the road do not have to completely halt progress. I am in this for life and this is only one week of many.

I celebrate falling down and getting back up - both literally (after my fall on Tuesday) and figuratively (making poor food choices)!


Daenel T. said…
*waves to little boy* Hey! You're getting too big and so cute!

Girl, ouch! Hope all has healed. I cannot believe no one stopped ~ New York, I tell ya.

Glad there has been no weight gain. You look fabulous, keep up the good work.
Do you know what I'm noticing? Your smile is changing, too, just as your body is. As you slim down, your smile is bigger, brighter, and illuminates your entire body. It's funny, because I always thought that was the type of smile you had before, but now, OH girl, NOW you're glowing! :)
Anonymous said…
You know what, maintaining is your ultimate goal in the end anyway so the fact that you did it while traveling is FANTASTIC! I'm so proud of you!!
Mrs. M said…
Saw your note on twitter and thought I would swing by and check out your post.

Happy Birthday - sounds like you had a fun one! And way to keep up with the exercise! It really helps on those days (or weeks) when we are a little extra festive with the food!

I also LOVE restaurants that include calorie counts. So helpful!!

Have a great day - you and your blog and your son are all super cute! :)
Unknown said…
Congratulations on everything you've accomplished. You're right... sometimes life just happens. Sorry I've been missing and I hope everything will continue to go well.
shunee said…
I am so proud of you!! Good job girl :) I would have cried and tried to fake it off and went home. LOL
More Than Words said…
Way to go!!! The video was so cute!! I'm so chicken to do one of those!
Anonymous said…
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