Support the Fight Against Mother to Child HIV/AIDS transmission with one Click!

Last night was the Super Bowl, if you didn't watch I suppose by now you know it was a blowout. The Seahawks held the defensive line and beat the pants off of the Denver Broncos. I really wasn't rooting for either team but I do like great football. For me, the game was pretty disappointing. But there were certainly highpoints...that had nothing at all to do with the game. The Super Bowl Commercials are always anticipated and this year was no exception. But I must say that I was most inspired by the Bank of America commercial featuring U2 and the song Invisible. For every download of the song $1.00 is donated to the (Red) every time the track is downloaded, anywhere in the world, Bank of America will donate $1 to the Global Fund to help end mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Simply click this link to download it is FREE! With just one click and you can help save lives and support the effort to end Maternal to Child HIV/AIDS transmission by 2015!

I know it might sound corny but seriously, be like NIKE and Just do it! 


Dr. Rhonda said…
Done! Thanks for the link!

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