Vacation - Unplugging and Relaxing

You may have noticed things have been quiet around here. I've been living my life offline, hanging out with my son and enjoying the lovely weather here in Georgia. Although it is hot, it is not as humid here this week and I am taking advantage of enjoying the great outdoors as often as possible. Mekhi and I went to a fun 4th of July celebration, my little munchkin jumped in the castle jumper for almost an hour

and he even participated in a watermelon eating contest.

We met up with my girlfriend Latoicha of LuxeTips to watch the fireworks but unfortunately because of the recession the fireworks fizzled and unlike past years the show did not light up the skyline.

But we still had a wonderful time and the kids had fun viewing the random backyard fireworks.

I've also been reading voraciously! I am a fan of fantasy and read the entire Fever series by Karen Moning. If you like faeries and other mythical creatures, you will probably enjoy this series. My only wish was a beach to read on but Atlanta is landlocked.  I've had to make due with sitting on the deck, reading while watching my son run in the sprinkler.

All in all it has been a great week. Quiet around here but I've been living life and enjoying it! Next week I have a week's worth of giveaways in store so be on the lookout. I'm not sure if I will be posting the rest of this week.


Wifey said…
Sounds like good times! Enjoy!

Winks & Smiles,
Enjoy your down time. I've felt the need to unplug lately, to refresh the mind.

Stay cool!
Becky Jane said…
Thanks for your post, it is good to unplug and spend time with those who matter most!
angie said…
So glad to see/hear that you are enjoying your summer! Love the picture of M with the watermelon!
Kathleen said…
I definitely feel like being more offline than online lately too. The summer is just to irresistible, and there's so much to do.

I love that photo of Mekhi...that watermelon looks bigger than him!
fauxhawksmommy said…
What a watermelon! I love that picture! Looks like you're really relaxing and have fun. Enjoy the rest of your week!
Meghan said…
Enjoy your much deserved relaxation!
I love that the watermelon is as big as he is.

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