Things I like

Let me tell you about a few things that I have seen and covet around the blogosphere.

My great friend  Mannequin at Fractured Toy is giving away beautiful Twisted Sister Jewelery again. And yes, I enter every contest with Twisted Sister in hopes of one day winning. 

In honor of Maternity Week at An Ordinary Life I am trying to win a gorgeous Elliott Lucca Limited Edition handbag. It's not your ordinary purse either, this bag also can function as a diaper bag! Maternity Week starts September 13th and there will be tons of great prizes. (Including another big surprise!)


Luxe Tips said…
That bag is hot! I am entering now. I need this fly diaper bag for luxe baby!
Joanie said…
That's a gorgeous bag!

Da Goddess
That bag is gorgeous!!!!

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