Gotta love it

Have you ever had one of those moments? You know the kind where you can't believe what is happening but are happy that it is going on? Well if you can't follow my last sentence (I have to admit I am having problems with it myself) let me give you an example.

For as long as I can remember whenever I have gained weight it has been very obvious in my chest area - my breasts gain weight. Which is not a big deal for many and might actually be welcomed. But I am a fully endowed sister to start with so any weight gain just exasperates the situation. During my pregnancy and especially those early days of nursing my breasts reached astronomical proportions. You can imagine the difficulty I had finding a nursing bra that was comfortable, fully supportive and well fitting. I went through numerous bras and the one that I really liked was discontinued so many times I wore substandard bras.

Anyhow, nursing is now over but the bra problem persists. Bras for the well-endowed fall into a couple of categories - ugly as sin or torpedo shaped. Here is an example that fits the bill.$product$

Kinda looks nice right? Looks can be deceiving. That lace? Itchy as hell. Wide straps? They dig into your shoulders like nobody's business. And the shape? Who has breasts that shoot straight out like torpedoes (aside from mid-nineties Madonna)?

Finding a pretty, supportive and comfortable bra is difficult for the double D and up set. One day last week I was lamenting to my husband about my problem. I certainly had no expectation that he would have anything to say other than "go shopping and continue to look".

Here is where that "gotta love it" moment comes into play. My husband looked at me with all seriousness and says "Why don't you try the new bra by Jill Scott (for those of you unfamiliar with Jill she is a singer/songwriter and one of my favorite artists)? Her bras are for the well-endowed full figured woman and has straps that don't cut into your shoulders as well as a unique design for lift."

I about fell on the floor. To this day I don't know how my husband knew all of this information about the Butterfly Bras but I loved that he wanted to help me out and provided me with a great answer for my dilemma. These little out of the blue surprises are what makes marriage so lovely.
There you have it, the story of my "gotta love it" moment.

Now I want to hear from you. What type of "gotta love it " moments have you had with your significant other?


angie said…
My gotta love it moment came when my hubby told me to try designer jeans. I'm sure he's regretting that one now because I'm addicted.
1stopmom said…
Awwww, that is just the sweetest thing :)
hot garlic said…
Thanks for stopping by my site! Yours is adorable. I love all of your cute widgets!

So is your new business the cakes? It probably answers this question some where and very obviously, sorry! The pics up that you have are gorgeous! I am more talented in the making it taste good area than the making it pretty area. I could probably use your help in that area!
MoziEsm√© said…
Awww - I love it when men take such an interest in us women!
Babette said…
My husband told me to get Lasik surgery. :) I'm a scaredy-cat though, what if I'm in the small percentage that has a bad reaction? I know, I shouldn't be negative but it's my eyes and these can't be replaced. *sigh*
Carrie said…
What a wonderul story. I'm glad that you found a bra that works for you. Life shouldn't be that tough but it is. Another reason why sometimes it's just tough being a woman.
My "gotta love it" moment is when we started out letter business. It was my idea and he fully supported me even though it was going to cost us in the beginning. He is my constant support and I'm lucky to have him. There are never strings attached!
Dori said…
What a sweet story. I can relate about getting the bra that fits since I am "endowed" myself. LOL. Love your blog. I have an award for you at my blog since I just love coming to read what you have to say. Have a great day!
First off...let me say your "cakes" make me wish I knew someone with a baby!! Funny about your do they know these things?? As for the bra, I have the opposit problem, and after breastfeeding one is now a full size larger than the other...ugh...I want ta bood job!!
Erin said…
I love it! And I hear you about being unable to find comfy, pretty bras.
My gotta love it moment was when my husband came home to tell me that he discussed with a pregnant student (he teaches Seniors) how she should really consider a natural birth with a doula because that's how I did it, and he was so proud of me. I couldn't believe my squeamish husband brought up childbirth all on his own.:p
Diva Ma said…
I am soooo with you on the bra situation. My husband just laughs at me when I vent my issues. Can find a pretty bra or bra and panty set in my size. I like to match and I usually have to suffer through a smaller size just to get that effect! I'll be sure to look up Jill Scott's collection. Thanks!
dcyrill said…
Just as I was reading the story I was suggest the new bras from Jill Scott. But already beat me to it. Sweet of him. At least he is current with the trends. :)
Tammy Warren said…
I have BIG bra issues myself. I am well "blessed" also. HA...if you want to call it blessed. I call it weight gain. That is where all of my excess weight goes. I can totally relate to the itch issue. Thank you for sharing the Jill Scott bra. I have not seen this. Have you worn it. If so share the moment.
Wendy said…
(tried to comment and it messed up so if this is a repeat please ignore!)

Gosh, as a member of the IBTC (itty-bitty-titty-committee), this post is very hard for me to relate to! LOL

I'm glad you found something that works. A long time ago I knew a lady that did custom bra fittings for a company that specialized in this - but they were around $80 apiece and had to be mail ordered. She said it was well worth it, though.
Hi.. thanks for the twitter follow and for the comment!

You make diaper cakes as well!! YAY.. another mom that does. I just started my company.. slowly but surely!
The Fritz Facts said…
My hubby has searched for some for me, as I am in the same boat as you. It is not easy, and strangley enough I found one that is fabulous at Wal-Mart. Who would have thought. I love them!

Thanks for stopping by!!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness ... I don't have a significant other, but I'll borrow yours if you ever want to rent him out! Can you say "Perfect Man?" What a doll.

My boobage has gotten a bit outta control this year too. I'm totally going to check out your link -- thanks!
Heather said… did you buy one of her bras? Did you like it? I have the opposite problem. I was not endowed by the boob fairy. She missed my house.
Michelle said…
Love your products and your blog! :) Thanks for the warning against the war. Yeah, too torpedio like! hah
Weith Kick said…
My wife is real picky when it comes to bras. She doesn't like ones that have wire in it or something? I don't know. I remember once going to Victoria's Secret for a present and buy her a nice bra. I thought it would be an easy thing to do. I never realized all the different types of bras there were and how damn expensive one bra could be.
Swirl Girl said…
What a great Gotta Love It moment.
My hubby takes such good care of me and the kids - he's a better wife than I am!
Petula Wright said…
You're funny! Well, I can't remember any of our gotta love it moments. The trials of divorce can erase the memory of all good!

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